Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Best New Cars for 2014 and 2015.

One of the most significant changes is the optional extra alert for rear cross traffic for improved safety. The 2014 model was released only a few months ago and many people will immediately ask, whether they are greater purchasing the 2013 or this 2014 model. This is needless to say down to personal preference. On the other hand, it is worth taking some time to examine the 2014 model and discover the differences for yourself.
The new cars for 2014 Mazda CX9 saw some design detail changes from the previous model. This included new styling towards front and rear, a new design of dashboard as well as the touch screen which is 5. 8 inches wide. While these changes were quite dramatic from your vehicle's previous incarnation, it may take a bit more studying to determine the 2014 improvements.
The CX9 is one on the older models of three row crossover available on today's market. The design features is usually traced back to the 2007 year model. The appearance changes in 2013 did freshen up the design and aesthetics making certain the CX9 remains a stylish vehicle competing well featuring a contemporaries.
As with many Mazda models, the Mazda CX9 is remarkably fun drive an automobile. While there are comparable types offering the possibility of a little more cabin space or slightly much more thrifty fuel economy, many skillfully developed agree that the enjoyment factor of the Mazda is difficult to argument.
While the changes in the 2014 model may appear slight, there is a crucial aspect in the additional safety features made available. The addition of the notify for Rear Cross Traffic (RCTA) is one among great benefit to all drivers and is now as standard on this Grand Touring AWD model. This can be a sound alert which is accompanied by an LED icon. The alert is triggered if the in built radar detects any oncoming traffic from each side from the car when reversing. The icon appears quietly mirrors, while the sound notify is distinctly audible. Since a lot of accidents occur at low swiftness while reversing, this will make the Mazda CX9 driver more confident, especially in restricted or confined areas for example parking garages or retail vehicle parks.
The new system is ported over from your relaunched Mazda 6 range and is the perfect complement to additional advanced safety features within the Grand Touring model such since warnings for lane departure and forward obstruction, monitoring for blind spots along with a high beam control.
The 2014 Mazda CX9 range in addition has benefited from updated wheels that has a new design for the thirty inch Grand Touring and Luxury models along with a new silver finish to the eighteen inch Classic design wheels. The range will also be offered with two additional color finishes, Blue Reflex and Airliner Black mica.

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