Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Info about the Mito Android Tablet

The Android is usually a relatively new operating system that was designed for mobile devices for example cell phones, tablet computers, and also netbooks. The Android OS is developed and designed by Google and is based on GNU and Linux Kernel software program. Statistics point out that your android tablet OS is graded second among all smartphone OS handsets in America.
The android OS will get many major advantages, such as Flash capabilities. While it holds true that the internet itself is attempting to limit its content which will depend on Flash, the android OS is built on thinking about an open platform allowing anybody to provide, or remove, whatever plugins they feel like. Unlike with Apple where almost all applications, programs, and addons are set up by them and a end user can only get just these programs. Apple's OS is quite intolerant of alternative party applications, the exact opposite will also apply to the android tablet OS that allows anybody to share with everyone what they've developed, even just for that reason alone, the android tablet is better than the competition.
The android Harga Tablet Terbaru can also be less restrictive about hardware along with ports. Most android tablets come with USB ports and that alone is already a huge advantage to other tablet PCs as one would be able to use flash drives, keyboards, and a number of devices which plug into a USB port.
One slight drawback is the android OS comes in different versions who have some slight differences among these people. But this problem is easily fixed as all one needs to do is upgrade on the latest version of the OS. Another drawback is that perhaps it will appear a bit daunting or intimidating to those who are not used to working with computers. Although to those who are used to it, this should actually come as an advantage as they could fully see just how potent the android tablet OS is which enables it to be.
While the android OS is not as stylish as its main rival and the fact that there are so many versions from it that may act to confuse the normal user, it still has all some great benefits of being more flexible and available on a variety of different devices. Its customizability is way ahead of its time and is it is best feature. One who invests in an android tablet is certain to see that their money was definitely perfectly spent.

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